Dr. Shawn Daniel Peachtree City Physical Therapy - The Mobile Athlete

Dr. Shawn Daniel 

Founder & Lead Physical Therapist 

Dr. Shawn Daniel is a physical therapist, coach, and athlete with a passion for exercise and helping others in their journey towards health and wellness. He holds a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Georgia State University and is certified in therapeutic dry needling and blood flow restriction training. Prior to his doctorate, Shawn played collegiate basketball and understands the importance of rehabilitating the body after multiple injuries. He has since worked with a diverse range of patients, including athletes, working individuals, and senior adults.

He is passionate about providing individualized, evidence-based healthcare and continually expanding his knowledge to ensure the highest quality of treatment. With expertise in manual therapy, therapeutic dry needling, blood flow restriction training, and joint manipulation, he helps clients improve their well-being, prevent injuries, and reach their full potential. His goal is to help people alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and live an active, pain-free lifestyle. The Mobile Athlete is a family affair, so you will probably catch his wife Shannon and their three children (Tatum, Jackson, and Autumn) at the clinic.